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This course is ideal for those familiar with the declarative capabilities of the platform who want

to expand into Apex and Visualforce controllers.

This course prepares you to take Advanced Developer Certificate Examination.


When you complete the course, you will learn to 

* Develop custom code.
* Create triggers to take action when records are saved.
* Use the sandbox testing environment.
* Write page controllers to manage custom data sets and actions for pages.
* Create multi-page wizards, maintaining a unified view state across the


Course Outline for Apex & Visualforce Controllers (DEV 501)

Note: The course contents are prepared based on the training recommendations from website. Code (Apex)
* Describe the features, functionality, and use cases of Apex.
*  Describe the data types and syntax of Apex.
*  Write Apex that handles bulk data.
* Write SOQL and SOSL queries to return data from the database.
* Write complex joins in SOQL.
* Describe the different governor limits and ways to work within them.
* Create a unit test for a class.
* List the requirements for deploying Apex code into production.
* Describe the capabilities of Apex Web services and callouts.
* Send and receive email from Apex.
* Describe the capabilities of batch Apex.
* Describe the capabilities of custom settings.

Visualforce Controllers
* Understand the Visualforce framework, including its
advantages and capabilities.
* Use expressions to bind data and actions on a page to
a controller.
* Understand the concepts behind controllers, including
their functionality and capabilities.
* Create custom controllers and standard controller
extensions to incorporate new data and actions into a
* Understand the security implications of using custom
vs. standard controllers.
* Implement wizards using custom controllers to handle
the state and operations.
* Create custom components that use custom
* Test, debug, and deploy controllers.