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This course prepares you to take the Certified 'Administrator Essentials for Experienced Admins' exam.


When you complete the course, you will learn to

  * Determine and implement appropriate data access and visibility settings.
  * Manage configuration changes in a sandbox environment and move data between environments using
    change sets.
  * Extend the functionality of your implementation with custom objects, custom apps, and the
  * Improve data quality so that the ongoing task of data maintenance is not so overwhelming.
  * Extend your analytics to provide up-to-date views of your business.
  * Implement complex business processes using workflow rules, approval processes, and Visual Workflow.


Course Outline for Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins (ADM211)

Note: The course contents are prepared based on the training recommendations from website.

Troubleshoot Record Access and
Field Visibility
* Troubleshooting Record Access
*Understanding the Impact of Territory Management on the Sharing Model
* Managing Field Visibility

Change Management
* Managing Changes in a Sandbox
* Deploying Changes Using Change Sets

Extend Salesforce with Custom
Objects and Apps
* Building Custom Objects, Tabs, and Apps
* Creating Relationships Between Objects
* Using Apps from the AppExchange

Extend Analytics
* Creating Custom Report Types
* Building Exception Reports with Cross Filters
* Categorizing Report Data with Bucketing
* Extending Summaries in Reports and Dashboards
* Displaying Multiple Views of Data Using Joined Reports
* Analyzing Data Over Time with Analytic Snapshots


Improve Data Quality
* Assessing, Cleansing, and Maintaining Data Quality
* Merging Duplicate Records
* Cleaning and Enriching Data with

Automate Complex Business Processes
* Creating Formulas and Workflow Rules to Enforce
Business Processes
* Troubleshooting Business Process Execution Issues
* Understanding When Business Process Automation
Must Be Extended Using Programmatic Means

Streamline Requests with Approval Processes
* Managing Approval Processes
* Troubleshooting Approval Processes

Increase Productivity with Visual Workflow
* Understanding Use Cases for Visual Workflow
* Building and Deploying a Flow